Adulthood (2008)

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Six years after he was convicted for killing Trife, Sam Peel is released from jail. After returning home and finding no one in, Sam visits Trife’s grave and is confronted by a man who tries to stab him. Sam is able to overpower him, but receives a stab wound in the shoulder. The man tells him that someone is coming for him, and his family. Sam looks up all the people he knew before he went inside and first goes to see Claire who is now with a new boyfriend, Hayden (Danny Dyer).

Claire is not happy to see Sam but tells him that Moony goes to Central University. Sam is confronted by Hayden for the abuse he gave Claire when they were younger. The movie then turns to Jay, after the death of Trife. Jay has gone on a downward spiral and is now dealing drugs and suffering from violent outbursts. Sam seeks out Moony who is not pleased to see him and tells him he doesn’t know who is after him but he deserves all that he gets. After following a trail of information leading him from one old face to the next, Sam befriends Lexi, a local drug addict. Their friendship grows closer as she aids Sam in finding those that seek out his family. Meanwhile both Jay and a group of young youths (one of which being rapper Plan B) hunt down Sam for revenge over the tragedy occurring 6 years prior. As Sam’s desperation grows, it is unclear whether he will be able to protect his family and whether he will find who he is looking for before he is found by those looking for him.